Tanisha “Tina” Williams has worked in news media as an entertainment journalist/reporter for the past 15 years. Watching the surge of social media dominate news media inspired her to combine her passions for editorial and social media in an effort to assist small businesses and individuals with their social media strategies. Williams enjoys teaching companies how  to increase awareness, attract potential clients and strengthen brand advocacy by intergreting social media into their business marketing plan.

Williams began her career working as an assistant, in the trenches of entertainment companies in Hollywood.  After a non-traditional return to college, Williams,  graduated with a Bachelor’s in T.V. Film and Media Studies from California State University in 2007.  Over the years, her star continued to shine as she worked her way up through the ranks at Inside Edition, E! Entertainment and US Weekly magazine.  As a senior entertainment reporter she covered numerous red carpets, pitched creative concepts and maintained relationships with third party social media communities, brands, and individual publishers/bloggers.  In 2010, Williams landed the Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin engagement exclusive, which was the most talked about US Weekly cover story of the year.

Williams has handled social media management, content curation, social media campaigns, social media event reporting for social media agencies, non-profits, retail and real estate businesses.